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Be Aware: A new law in custom motorcycles for 2006 In December 2003, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) published a Final Rulemaking (FRM) established more stringent emission standards for highway motorcycles for the year of 2006.

Amongst a higher emissions standard for all manufactured motorcycles for 2006, the other major item in EPA 420 is a once-in-a-lifetime exemption for a custom motorcycle (Special Construction) for your own personal use, as long as you don't sell it for least five years.

This EPA rule allows for the construction of your custom motorcycle and it refers to your lifetime. You are allowed one EPA-exempt custom motorcycle that has no restrictions on how and when it may be used under this rule. The exemption is for the motorcycle owner's lifetime.

Under this federal law, you are not allowed to sell your EPA-exempt special construction motorcycle for five years after the date or final assembly, even in case of death, bankruptcy, or divorce. After five years, your EPA-exempt motorcycle can be sold. If you do sell your EPA-exempt motorcycle, you will not be allowed to own another exempt special construction motorcycle.

The new regulations will only affect new motorcycles produced for the 2006 and later model years. Anything manufactured prior to the 2006 model year will not be affected and will remain legal to own and operate.


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